September 7, 2014

Check out the Reunion button on The data on the uncoming Lampert Family Reunion has been added; July 16 - 19 2015. We will meet at Palmer Gulch and all the particulars have been added for you to consider.


July 12, 2013

47 years ago today George S Reeves (61) died at his home in Trenton, Michigan. George Reeves was Art Lampert's stepfather. George grew up in plains of South Dakota, ranched there for years, moved to Michigan after the blizzard of 1949, obtained an advanced degree in journalism from the University of Michigan, published the award winning book A Man from South Dakota, and worked at McGlouth Steel in Trenton Michigan.

So long George. I remember you often and thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me so much. You were a really good man. You are missed still.

Art Lampert


April 28, 2013

Sitemaster note: The following appeared in the Rapid City Journal on April 2. 2013. Congratulations Joyce. Way to go!

For those of you that are interested multiply 16000 times whatever minimal wage you wish to get the magnitude of her gift given to the Rapid City Regional Hospital. This is an enoromous gift to the community hospital!

Joyce is the daughter of Mae and Bill Melvin, granddaughter of OW and Mary Lampert

Our Good Deeds: Woman logs more than 16,000 volunteer hours

Most people who stay at Rapid City Regional Hospital have no idea who Joyce Bjork is. But they should.

Many of them have a piece of her in their homes.

Bjork, 72, who has clocked 16,000 volunteer hours at the hospital since 1981, has been incredibly active with the hospital's sewing unit, which makes bibs for every newborn, hats for cancer patients, bereavement gowns for babies who do not survive, heart pillows to ease the pain of those who have cardiac surgery, gowns for children visiting siblings in the NICU and teddy bears for pediatric patients going into surgery.

Last year alone, the group of eight made 3,700 items. In the past decade, they've created more than 30,000 items.

Bjork, of Rapid City, was honored with other volunteers during the Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Brunch hosted in mid-April by the hospital.

In the early ’80s, Bjork began going once a week with her mother to the hospital sewing unit. Now, she volunteers not only with the sewing group, but also in other areas of the hospital, including the Rapid City Regional Hospital Auxiliary, where she serves as the historian for the group that has given back $2.8 million for such things as the auxiliary hospice house and the Children's Miracle Network.

"She's what got me started," Bjork said of her mother, who volunteered well into her 90s.

Although she's created thousands of items for patients, Bjork doesn't get to see a single patient receive their gift.

"It doesn't bother me," Bjork said. "I just know it helps. They feel a little better. With the children, if it just distracts them for a few minutes, that makes me feel good."

Bjork is eager to point to the good work of everyone who volunteers. Last year, 400 volunteers contributed more than 38,000 hours to the hospital.

“The dedication of each and every volunteer is essential to our growth and sustainability at Rapid City Regional Hospital,” said Tim Sughrue, the hospital's CEO, in a press release. “They are an essential part of our care team.”


December 2012

Cousin Jim Evans has been nominated for induction into the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame. Text of the announcement is below.

Way To Go Cousin Jim!!

Evans, a 1951 Rapid City High grad, was selected as a tackle on the state’s all-time high school football team selected in 1969. Rapid City High lost only once in Evans’ three years. At Nebraska, he played for four years (offensive and defensive tackle) and was a starting tackle for 1955 Orange Bowl team (there were only four bowl games in those years). He also kicked for the Huskers, and he was offered pro tryouts as a kicker. He also was an assistant football coach one year at Nebraska, three years at South Dakota Mines and two years at Black Hills State.

He was the coach of the Rapid City Legion baseball team for seven years (1953-59), and was a full-time assistant (hitting coach and outfield coach) to coach Dave Ploof from 1972-93 as Post 22 became one of the most dominant programs in the nation. Rapid City won 18 state titles in a row from 1970-87 and won the national title in 1993. After 1993, Evans quit traveling with the team but continued to assist part-time until 2011.


August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad! You would have been 100 todayif you had lived. But I'm thinking of you and remembering how very much you mean to me and how very much you influenced my life. You would be very proud of your grandchildren, Arthur and Rachel. Both are married and are excelling in their lives and have children of their own. In fact Barbara and I are greatgrandparents now so I guess that makes you a great greatgrandfather! But I guess you already know that don't you?

Thanks dad for everything. I love you.



July 17, 2012

Almost a year has past now since I have posted anything on the What's New portion of But tonight I have exciting news, a genuine EUREKA! For those of you who have followed the history of Jacob Lampert, my great grandfather, you may have wondered, indeed speculated, on who Mrs. Plymat, Jacob's second wife,was. Little else was known. But yesterday I received an email from Phil Bjork (cousin Joyce Melvin's husband) and it reads in part "Because of your hint that JR married a Mrs Plymat, I have been able to learn who she was. Mary Eunice Young was born in Oct 1847 in Wisconsin. She married William Norton Plymat on 29 Nov 1866 in Blue Earth County, MN. He died in 1907. She lived with a daughter in 1910. Then on 29 Jan 1917 she married JR in Blue Earth County, MN."

Copies of documents verifying his information were included.

Please see to see this valuable infomation included on the sitre.

Thank you Phil. Job well done. I am most appreciative.

The July 2012 Family Reunion is over and participants have returned to their homes. Planning for the next reunion in already in progress. Check this website often for updates.

2012 is turning out to be really hot and extraordinarily dry. Plumb uncomfortable for sure! The weather guy's tell us that El Nino 2012 is easing and may bring much needed relief.

Also remember that has been licensed through March 5, 2113. Keep the information coming!

Art Lampert July 17, 2012


August 4, 2011

Dad would have been 99 if he was still with us. I miss him so. Sitting and visiting over a cup of coffee. He taught me so much. Today new information has been included on the 'Saying Goodbye' portion of the site. I have attached the obituaries from the papers as much as I could find. Many of these folks were unknown (or not remembered) so reading the obirtuaries brought 'new knowledge' to me, and hopefully to you. August in the Black Hills has been hot and dry and then cool and rainy, all in 4 days. I wonder what it will do next. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins this weekend. Some say yipee, and others groan. I'm neutral. But do have out of town friens here and that is good.


Art Lampert

March 9, 2011

Be sure and check the Saying Goodbye link because there have been some recent departings.

In Rapid City, SD today is a 'good day' because the sun is shining and the temps are up above freezing. That's good because it seems like like it has been a very long winter season. Spring is scheduled to arrive March 20 at 7:21 pm EDT. Yipee. Eleven more days! In spite of this, the man who plows our driveway after storms says 'one more coming'. Why? Because this is the Black Hills and Spring Snow Storms are more normal than not. Oh boy.

The mideast is embroiled in armed conflict, gas prices are sky rocketing and unrest prevails.

When we all learn to live in peace?


January 2011

Happy New Year to all! May each of you be blessed with happiness, good health, much prosperity and more joy than ever expected. I wish too that this troubled word in which we live find peace for all humankind. Sounds like alot doesn't it? But if I'm going to wish, then I will ask for the "whole enchilida". There have been some updates to the Database of Relatives, and (unfortunately) to the "Saying Goodbye" link. Updates continue to come to me from relatives but slowly! Remember if this site is to be current you must supply me with the data you wish posted! Thanks. Arthur A. Lampert <>

November 2010

Where has the year gone? What has kept me from posting updates? But I have though they have been simply to correct minor errors. The complexity of the programs needed to be purchased, installed, learned with great difficulty for this 'old man' make frequent changing of extremely difficult. I have had to resort to hiring other's to assist me. Melding their schedule and mine has been difficult to impossible, starting and stopping fitfully. But now the 2010 elections are over (Republicans won by a landslide, regaining control of the US House of Representatives. We are now looking forward to a true'lame duck' session of congress.) Will things change? Do they ever change? The US economy, along with mine, is 'in the tank'. Our personal lifestyle has changed. Keeping up with updates is one of those things that has suffered. Please bear with me family.

March 23, 2009

I couldn't resist not posting a note about "the storm". For the 3rd time since October 2008 the Black Hills has been targeted for a winter storm. "But it is the first week of spring" you say. Well, my father always commented that South Dakota's worst winter happened in the March/April time frame. This year is no exception. The Northern Hills received 60+ inches since yesterday and Rapid City some less. The Interstate I90 is closed from Chamberlain west into midwestern Wyoming. Here at our home on the Bogus Jim Road we have 5 foot drifts while other areas are scoured clean from the whipping winds. Wind gusts to 63mph have been reported. Fortunately the electric power has stayed on so we are comfortable. The Rapid City Journal reports today

Blizzard paralyzes Hills; cancellations spill over into Tuesday

By Journal staff | Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A powerful spring snowstorm that could bring up to 3 feet of snow to the upper elevations of the northern Black Hills and as much as 18 inches to the surrounding foothills began moving into the region Monday morning.

Schools were closed throughout the Northern Hills and Rapid City as mostly cold wind, accompanied by rain and sleet, moved into the region. By 10 a.m., a wet, heavy snow had begun to accumulate in Lead, Deadwood, Spearfish, Belle Fourche and other areas of the Northern Hills, but much more was expected to fall throughout the day, overnight and into Tuesday.

A Blizzard Warning was in effect for almost all of western South Dakota, with extremely strong winds -- with gusts up to 65 mph -- expected to accompany the heart of the storm.

In Rapid City, snow and rain showers were intermittent Monday morning, but heavier snows are expected to begin in the afternoon, with up to 4 inches expected to fall by this evening. More than 10 inches are expected to fall through the night and tomorrow morning.

The NWS' Blizzard Warning isn't set to expire until 6 p.m. Tuesday.

School closings included Rapid City public and private schools, Douglas, Newell, Belle Fourche, Spearfish, Meade, Custer, Hermosa, Hot Springs and Lead-Deadwood schools. Black Hills State University in Spearfish also called off classes, as did the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City. Chadron State College in Chadron, Neb., closed at noon.

And schools weren't the only thing closing.

Rapid City Regional Hospital announced the closing of its John T. Vucurevich Cancer Care Institute, and Family Medice Residency Clinic in Rapid city, as well as the Queen City Regional Medical Clinics in Spearfish and its clinic in Sturgis.

Offices at the Pennington County Courthouse closed at noon. And the City-School Administration Center planned to close either by 1 p.m. Monday, as was the nearby Journey Museum.

Rapid City Regional Airport officials said that winter storm conditions were making traffic in and out of the airport difficult. According to a news release from the airport, passengers should expect delays and possible flight cancellations. Travelers are encouraged to check with their airline on the status of a scheduled flight and local road reports before traveling to the airport.

City officials meanwhile closed Rapid City's regional municipal landfill as gusty winds made conditions too dangerous for standard car and truck travel there.

Even local law enforcement had cancellations. The evening session of the Pennington County 24/7 program was canceled after 2 p.m. According to a news release from Pennington County Emergency Management, Tuesday's 24/7 status is still pending.

In the Northern Hills, Lead city officials said snow removal crews would work to keep arterial roads open throughout the day but that side streets would likely remain untouched until after the snow subsides. According to a news release from the city, crews might be forced to retire earlier in the day and gear up to battle the mounting snow on Tuesday.

Deadwood officials have canceled trolley service today and later today will decide Tuesday's trolley schedule. For more information, call 574-2622.

In Belle Fourche, the city's Legal and Finance committee meeting was moved to 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 31. The Public Works meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday has not been canceled.

There is much more to tell, and for those interested go to and search the archives.

Stay tuned for "Round 2" scheduled to begin tomorrow with another approaching winter storm.


March 2009

Disaster strikes and information disappears! Vaporizes! I don't have a clue as to when, why, or how. But upon the errors being called to my attention repair was instituted. Filters have been added to the database of relatives link to further insure privacy. The index page has a new look with the addition of an apostrophe to the title to make it clear this this site is for those with the surname Lampert. For further explanation refer to the December 2007 note below and it should be clear.

To anyone inconvenienced by the disruption I apologize. But for those who understand, trouble occurs sometimes that is unavoidable. If you feel you need further explanation please telephone me and I will try to answer your questions.

Arthur A. Lampert


September 2008

Updated information has been added to the Reunion page about the 2009 get together at Palmer Gulch Resort scheduled for July 9-12.


December 2007

Why and not Simply, because was already taken by someone else before starting this site in 1994. So adding an s to the name lampert seemed to be the most simple and logical. After all we are many with the surname Lampert so seemed to follow. Remember, has been licensed through the year 2113. If you found your name on the Database of Relatives then be assurred that in some fashion you are linked to a male with the surname Lampert and it is your job to figure out how. Discovering one's ancestory is both informative and fun. You begin to discover much about your self.

A complete revision of has begun. Be patient. This will be a long process because I am a "one man act". For those of you that have done web work or other creative endeavors you know that a great deal of "think time" goes into the process. Last night was a wakeful night for me and the site was redesigned in my mind .... all night long! Now to put those thoughts into action. The tab Database of Relatives already has a new look. All needed to complete that task is to enter the mountains of data sent to me over the past few months. Again, be patient.

For any of you that have tried to contact me through the website and did not gain a response please resort to the tried and true ..... telephone. 1.605.342.1711 The volume of junk mail that we are all receiving makes it manditory for the junk mail filters to be more and more strict.

There is snow on the ground and temps in the teen's as I write this morning. There are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that we know about and others that are unkown. But we all hope and pray for peace in the World. We are one planet and we had better learn how to get along or I fear we will all perish.

Whatever you faith, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or agnostic, say a prayer for peace for all humankind please.

Arthur A. Lampert
13059 Bogus Jim Road
Rapid City, SD 57702
1.605.342.1711 voice
1,605.342.5032 fax


October 2007

Time flies when you are having fun someone said.

So, What's New? is an official registered domain name and web site through the year 2113. That's more than a century folks!. Actually more than 106 years from the time of this writing. Obviously it is unlikely I will be around that long so someone must come forward and be willing to work with me to carry on with study, data entry and all that goes along with keeping a web site up to date.

This summer was eventful in that a "genetic cousin" from Canada traveled to the Black Hills and met with me for some hours. What is a "genetic cousin" you ask? The answer lies in the science of Anthrogenealogy and the Lampert Surname Project was started with the help of in 2004. Also we know from that wonderful family history done by Margaret Lampert Weisenberg in 1939 that there are many variations to the name. By accurate and very scientific analysis a linkage was proven between the Canada cousin and me.

There is a wonderful little book written by Dr. A. C. Ross titled Mitakuye Oyasin "We Are All Related" that is recommended for reading. Dr. A.C. Ross is a member of the Mdewakantonwan tribe, one of the original seven tribes of the Dakota Nation. Yes, we truly "all related". Read the book. Be prepared to have your mind expanded.

Genetically the men who bear the Lampert surname are 100 % European. Roots can be traced back over 20,000 years to the Vikings. Obviously I cannot tell you precisely which Viking we are related to. There just are no records other than the genetic tracings. We are haplotype I2b1 and to find out more you must do your own research. I can help direct but it's better if you roll up your sleeves and do your own digging into the distant past. It will mean more. That is a promise.

Art Lampert
Black Hills of South Dakota
October 2007
telephone 1.605.342.1711


May 2006

Corrections and additions to the site continue as updated information arrives on my desk. The August 2006 reunion is still scheduled in spite of skyrocketing gasoline prices and associated unrest in the world. The Black Hills have had some moisture at opportune times and everything is green and lush. Cumulatively however over the last 5 to 7 years we are "short" about a years worth of annual moisture content. The Lampert Surname Project continues and is still able to enroll new participants.


December 2005

Work continues on the Lampert Surname Project. Six of us with known lineages from documented sources have been tested and their yDNA mapped. This establishes the beginning of trying to tie the Lampert surname lines together. It is apparent that the commonality is much older than this person ever imagined. One fact has become absolutely clear to me. We, humankind, are of a common origin. Dr. A. C. Ross in his great book, Mitakuye Oysin, makes the case that "we are all related" in a very bold and interesting fashion. Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner for his work in the discovery of the DNA molecule makes a similar case in his 1981 book Life Itself. The Genographic Project, a real time effort to map how humankind populated the earth is a five-year research project partnered between National Geographic and IBM with support from the Waitt Family Foundation, and public participation through Family Tree DNA is ongoing..

To all of you, especially those who have contacted me throughout the years, consider joining this most worthwhile endeavor. Whether you are a Lampert from Brazil, Croatia, Poland, Israel, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, or from a place not named, please consider being tested. We are all related. If your Surname is another there is a surname project for you too. The impetus is growing. Answers won't come overnight but do come closer with each individual tested.

Art Lampert


November 2003

A Lampert surname DNA project has started at

Any male with the surname Lampert is eligible to participate in this DNA project. Ladies, you must find a male Lampert cousin to do the test for you. This DNA test will match up the participants with other Lampert lines, or will show what lines we don't match. It may also match us up with our Lampert immigrant by a match to a descendant of a known immigrant ancestor. The goal is to accumulate a large Lampert DNA database with participants from many major Lampert lines descended from known immigrants.

Since a Surname Project in essence traces members of a family that share a common surname, and females (a) don't carry their father's Y-DNA, and (b) acquire a new surname by the way of marriage, in order to be relevant to the Surname Project, the tested individual must be a male that wants to check his paternal line (father's father's father's...). The test to be ordered is either the Y-DNA or Y-DNAPlus, and females should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be tested. Females can also order a test for themselves, which will be the mtDNA or mtDNAPlus, but the results of this test cannot be tied to the Surname Project.


Not sure if this is a situation that applies to you? Want to obtain additional information? Contact the Lampert Group Administrator.

Anthrogenealogy is making great strides answering questions regarding ancestry. "Genetic tests can determine relationships with a 99.9% degree of accuracy. While a family tree can be built out of a paper trail, the actual way of verifying relationships can only be done by DNA testing. Many times similar family surnames do not imply the existence of a true relationship and the sharing of a common ancestor. On the other hand, many people with different surnames have found to be related through DNA testing."

If you join the Lampert surname project you may be eligible for a discounted test fee. I encourage those with questions to seek the answers.

August 2003

There IS a new look to! Many names have been added to the Database of Relatives as the site continues to grow. Don't forget the 2003 lampert reunion to be held at Palmer Gulch near Hill City, SD begins on August 15 and ends on August 17. There will be a presentation by Art Lampert and Carl Lampert in the Palmer Gulch meeting room beginning at 11 am Saturday the 16. We need your input so bring your family and any new data you wish included in the website.

July 2003

We will have a "new look" soon. It was time for a change! The Pasque flower pictured underneath the logo is the official state flower of South Dakota. We have lots of them each spring and it seemed appropriate to let others see what they are missing!

Updates continue to come in and posted as time allows. Please be patient.

All email addresses previously shown have been deleted. Why? Because the SPAM spiders crawl around the web incessantly looking for email addresses to send the hated SPAM. So if you wish the email address of anyone listed please mail me Art Lampert, 13059 Bogus Jim Road, Rapid City, SD 57702 and ask me to send the email address to you. I may, or may not, depending on my mood. Seriously, you must give me good valid reasons to get an address.

Art Lampert, sitemaster


December 06. 2002

Work has continued, sporadically, and names added to the "Database of Relatives" now totalling 1385 relatives. We're not through adding names and have discovered another lampert database totalling 3008 additional names. That database is not included as the original ancestor cannot be proven to be a blood relative of Jakub Lampert born Flasch, Switzerland in 1750. The owner of that database and I have been in contact and have discussed Y chromosome analysis to settle the issue. Anyone having thought's or experience with this please contact me.

e-mail address are no longer given on the addresses link.


October 8, 2002

Today, Terry Bradshaw's pick of the week on MSNBC, Lampert Yards, Inc. was featured. The web address was incorrectly listed as being (that's us) instead of the correct

We appreciate all the notoriety you have given us Terry. The correct link for the Minnesota based firm has been listed on the index page of

February 14, 2001

New on October 10, 2000

After a long delay work has begun again to update Today I made some minor cosmetic changes and added a time/temperature display for Rapid City, SD. Changes to the Database of Relatives are being made when data is obtained and confirmed. A plea is made to all of those living peoples whose names appear in the database to keep me informed as to significant changes.

A link has been added "Reunion Movie" that will take you to a Quick Time movie of many of the 1999 participants.

Inquiries are already being made of me about the 2003 reunion. Make sure that you periodically view the 2003 link for current information.

Make sure you check the "Saying Goodbye" portion periodically as (unfortunately) more names are being added.

Don't forget, photographs are welcome.

Arthur A. Lampert
13059 Bogus Jim Road
Rapid City, SD 57702

All the data contained in the book compiled by Margaret Lampert Wiesenberg in 1939 has been transcribed to a family history program that is available at the Database of Relatives link on the first page of the web site. This is being done to provide additional assistance to those people who wish to view the raw ancestor data.

This file, Database of Relatives, lists all relatives of Jakob Lampert born about 1750 in Flasch, Switzerland that are currently known to me. Some cousins, previously unknown to me have now made contact with me and their genealogical links have been proven. They are included in the Reunion® file.

The Reunion page has been named 2002 reunion to avoid confusion.