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Lampert FamilyTree DNA Project


December 2005

Work continues on the Lampert Surname Project. Six of us with known lineages from documented sources have been tested and their yDNA mapped. This establishes the beginning of trying to tie the Lampert surname lines together. It is apparent that the commonality is much older than this person ever imagined. One fact has become absolutely clear to me. We, humankind, are of a common origin. Dr. A. C. Ross in his great book, Mitakuye Oysin, makes the case that "we are all related" in a very bold and interesting fashion. Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner for his work in the discovery of the DNA molecule makes a similar case in his 1981 book Life Itself. The Genographic Project, a real time effort to map how humankind populated the earth is a five-year research project partnered between National Geographic and IBM with support from the Waitt Family Foundation, and public participation through Family Tree DNA is ongoing..

To all of you, especially those who have contacted me throughout the years, consider joining this most worthwhile endeavor. Whether you are a Lampert from Brazil, Croatia, Poland, Israel, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, or from a place not named, please consider being tested. We are all related. If your Surname is another there is a surname project for you too. The impetus is growing. Answers won't come overnight but do come closer with each individual tested.

Art Lampert


November 2003

The Lampert surname project is an attempt to connect people with the surname Lampert that are previously unkown to be related. The science of genetics has progressed to the point that it has expanded from the world of academics to that of the "real world". This project is being done with the assistance of familytreedna.com. Presently there are over 900 surname projects ongoing. Our project began in 2003. This is the science of anthrogenealogy. By utilizing Molecular Biology to observe the genetic data trail of a lineage, we are now able to connect unkown family members by the employment and comparison of specific locations of the Non-Recombing yDNA we have inherited from our fathers. Once DNA analysis was very expensive but now it is quite affordable.

Any male with the surname Lampert is eligible to participate in this DNA project. Ladies, find a male Lampert, brother or cousin, to do the test for you. This DNA test will match up the participants with other Lampert lines, or will show what lines we don't match. It may also match us up with our Lampert immigrant by a match to a descendant of a known immigrant ancestor. The goal is to accumulate a large Lampert DNA database with participants from many major Lampert lines descended from known immigrants.

Since a Surname Project in essence traces members of a family that share a common surname, and females (a) don't carry their father's Y-DNA, and (b) acquire a new surname by the way of marriage, in order to be relevant to the Surname Project, the tested individual must be a male that wants to check his paternal line (father's father's father's...). The test to be ordered is either the Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25 or Y-DNA37, and females should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be tested. Females can also order a test for themselves, which will be the mtDNA or mtDNAPlus, but the results of this test cannot be tied to the Surname Project. The 12 test is a screening test. The 37 test is the most definative.

Not sure if this is a situation that applies to you? Want to obtain additional information? Contact the Lampert Group Administrator.